Your coach, consultant & mentor…   Chad Weir

An achievement-oriented strategic business development consultant, project manager, and creative ideator with a focus on change management, process improvement, and technology.  A visionary leader, Chad has led a number of change management initiatives in the corporate and philanthropic sectors.  

Chad has a long-term vision with a unique ability to connect future variables, a process-driven systematic mindset with repeated success leading teams, facilitating complex projects, and delivering results.

He exhibits a rare combination of technical virtuosity, uncompromising work ethic, collaborative leadership and strategic vision that allows him to see solutions that make him truly unique.  

Chad has the ability to effortlessly inspire and mentor others to push boundaries and create desired results while building genuine relationships with stakeholders and clients. 

Chad’s Top Clifton Strengthsfinder Themes: Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Ideation, Achiever, Activator, Individualization.

“I have seen the results of his exceptional leadership and impact on our community.

Chad leads by example, enabling, motivating and pushing others while providing direction and tools needed to execute. He has the unique ability to inspire and motivate teams for breakthrough results and catapulted numerous visions to new heights with his determination, dedication and resolute desire to make a difference.

Always accessible, Chad is firm in his communication and stands behind the strategy 100% without deviating course during challenges. Strategic, knowledgeable and mindful, he demands the best from others but not without showing how it’s done first. Efficient and effective in his delivery, he is a born leader who possesses resilience and agility, and has the stamina to go the distance. With no shortage of humility and compassion, Chad thrives in elevating those around him and the value of his leadership is unparalleled.”

– Ketevan Larsen

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