We are a boutique consulting agency with a focus on project management, omni channel marketing, digital integration, brand strategy, business development, financial integrity, business intelligence, workflow optimization & leadership development

An outside perspective can help you and your business chart a clear path to the future, that’s what we’re here for.

Together we’ll assess your performance and goals, then develop a strategy that will give you a solid foundation to build on.

Then we’ll shift to a “doing” mode to help you accomplish the tasks that need to be done that would otherwise take you away from what you need to be doing.

There is only one catch, you have to reach out. There is a bright future ahead, all you have to do is take the first step.

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Here are what some of our clients have to say:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chad in several projects and I can tell he has a very strong sense of management and technology knowledge. He is very creative and knows how to give the right direction to accomplish any goals at any stage of the project. Chad is a man with many talents that can bring groups of people together and make things happen really fast."

Jesus Parlange

Co Owner at Organic Code Design

"There are many things that I could write about that make Chad so amazing. But the one thing that makes Chad stand out for me, is that, he is someone that I strive to be like. His motivation, his charisma and his overall work ethic is uplifting and inspiring. Chad makes you want to be apart of something. When you have a conversation with him, he doesnt talk at you, he talks with you."

Deanna Wright

Customer Service Agent with Allstate

"There really aren’t enough positive words I can say about Chad. He is an amazing professional at any adventure he takes on. Nothing is done halfway, when Chad is apart of a project it's 100% effort all the way all the time! His energy and enthusiasm for life is transferred to anyone he has contact with. Chad is the type of person you want around because he will breath life into everything and can make you feel like you yourself can achieve any goal, you take the steps to ascertain and will support you all the way. I’m so lucky and proud to know Chad and wish him all the best in everything he does because I don’t think he can do any less!!!"

Shawna Tetzlaff

Investment Associate with Scotia Wealth Management

"When it was time for us to expand our operations, we needed a detail oriented manager who took both initiative and pride in their work. We required a fast learning curve, excellent people skills, and technological savvy. We needed someone who shared our passion for service and excellence. We knew from our experiences having worked with Chad as a client that he'd be the perfect fit. It was a pleasure to have Chad on our team and since moving on, he has continued to expand his experience with an eye on significant contributions in everything he does. I would highly recommend Chad for companies and projects requiring leadership, drive, enthusiasm, and sense of ownership. Define the "why" and "what" and watch him deliver results."

Kourosh Assef

Partner with The Real Equity Group of Companies

"Chad is an extremely high energy and passionate professional, who will not only individually portray but on a large scale present an image of enthusiasm and motivation to any audience. Given the right opportunity within a business environment, undoubtedly has to ability to impact the culture and results with a cohesive impact on the employees and participants involved."

Miguel Gil

IT/IM Senior Recruiter with SAP 

"While working on my website redesign, Chad provided sage insight on matching the design to my brand. He effortlessly recommended ways to refine my site and ensure it reflected both me and my niche. Chad was insightful and enthusiastic in his offerings. His knowledge of the latest web technology and branding approaches gave me a lot of confidence in the final iteration of my site. I would seek his insight again!"

Kate Tremills

Consultant with FortisBC